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    Important Dates & Fee Information:

    Registration starts today, Dec 12th and will end on Feb 26th.

    Registration fees for the 2015 Spring season are as follows:

    Early Bird: HURRY TIME IS LIMITED Dec 12th, 2014 – Jan 31st, 2015

    T-Ball: $60, Coach Pitch P: $80, Minors/Majors/Jr/Sr: $105

    General: Feb. 1st – Feb. 16th, 2015

    T-Ball: $70, CP: $90, Minors/Majors/Jr/Sr: $115

    Late: Feb. 17th – Feb. 26th, 2015

    T-Ball: $90, CP: $110, Minors/Majors/Jr/Sr: $135

    ***Bennett's Creek Players only pay $100.00***

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    Congrats to our Majors Softball team (combined with Chesapeake Little League) - they are District 6 Champions and went 1-2 at States.  We are so proud of their fantastic season!  


    Also a huge congrats to our Senior Softball girls who played with Wilson Little League - they also made it to States representing District 6!

    2014 9/10 Softball All Stars 

    2014 11/12 Softball All Stars

    2014 9/10 Baseball All Stars

    2014 11/12 Baseball All Stars

    Bennett's Creek 2014 All-Stars
    *Minor and Major softball has combined with Chesapeake LL for All-Stars*

           Softball All-Stars



    Jr/Sr (combined with Wilson LL):



    Tim Shreck

    Bryan Gill



    Liam Quinn

    Josh Adkins

    Carlin Lockhart

    Keith Dorcsis

    Isabelle Metzger

    Jordan Brock


    Darria Hunter

    Kailey Dorcsis (CLL)

    Alayah McCullough

    Cierra Gawryluk

    Rachel Dreblow (CLL)

    Brianna Rivera

    Havyn Gibson

    Covonna Bynum

    Kristen Cunningham

    Abigail Lockhart

    Nyah McNeal

    Sabria Townsend

    Nailah Nurse

    Hailey Adkins

    Bailey Vandewater

    Elizabeth Culbert

    Shannon Monahan

    Hailey Crowder

    Madison Wright

    Meghan Miniard

    Kaitlyn Crowder

    Tobi Wild

    Madelyn Lape

    Taylor Whitley (CLL)

    Niya Velez

    Camryn McCartney (CLL)


    Kanizah Riddick (CLL)

         Baseball All-Stars





    Mark Thompson

    Ray Lowe



    Kevin Graham

    Sam Murphy

    Mike Topping

    Robert William

    Caden Church

    Nicholas Arnold

    Jason Cooney

    Larry Franks

    Quentin Gaddist

    Kenneth Hansin

    Kanaan Graham

    Hunter Jeffries

    Jakari Joy

    Mark Jones

    John Martin

    Raymond Lowe

    Kaylup Mcconnie

    Elijah Macklin

    Charlie Parson

    Sean Murphy

    James Thompson

    Joed Rivera

    Mark Thompson

    Brenden Sanzo

    Will Topping

    Becton Topping

    Tony Vitullo

    Aaron Williams

    Congrats Minor Orioles - 2014 Regular Season & Playoff Champs! 
    2014 Minors Champion
    Congrats 2014 Minor Nationals - 2nd Place in Minors Playoffs!
    2014 Minor 2nd Place Playoffs
    Congrats 2014 Coach Pitch Playoff Champion Yankees!
    2014 Coach Pitch Playoff Champs 
    Congrats 2014 Regular Season Champs and 2nd Place in the Playoffs - Orioles! 
    2014 Coach Pitch Orioles
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    Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and
    that's the way baseball is.
    Bob Feller
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