What divison is appropriate for my child?

The following age groups are typical. However, exceptions may occur. Please contact our player agent for more information.

T-Ball: 4-6 (age 4 by May 1st)

Coach Pitch: 6-9

Minors: 7-11

Majors: 11-12

Juniors: 13-14

Seniors: 13-16

Are Sports Physicals required to play?

Physicals are NOT required for any Little League division

What equipment is provided with my registration?

Each registered and rostered player will receive a hat, shirt and socks which is theirs to keep once the season ends.

Try Outs (Evaluations)

What are Try outs ?

Try outs are an opportunity for coaches to evaluate players and make sure they are being placed in the appropriate division. Try outs do not determine if a player "makes a team". All players will be assigned to a team.

Does T-Ball need to try out? 

No, only Minors and above need to try out.

Does Coach Pitch need to try out?

No, only Minors and above need to try out.

My Player is 13+ years old. Does he need to try out?

No, only Minors and Majors players and Juniors under 13 years old need to try out.

Residency Checks

I've already played at BCLL, do I still need to have my Residency checked?

Yes, Little League rules require we check residency information each season.

The Season

When does the season start and end?

Our season practices will start around mid-March and the season ends mid-Jun.

When are the practices?

Practices are detemined by the coaches after the teams are finalized. T-Ball and Coach Pitch typically practice once a week. Practices usually occur the same day each week. Minors and Majors practice multiple times during the week.

When are the games?

T-Ball plays games on Saturday. All other divisons play once during the week and once on the weekend.